Fabulous Shampoo for Cat & Dog


  • Perfect For All Breed & Fur Types.
  • Cleanse And Nourish Fur.
  • Prevent Dryness And Increase Softness.
  • Prevent The Recurrence Of Dry, Flaky, And Itchy Skin.
  • Leaves Skin And Fur Refreshed, Invigorated And Healthy.
  • Promotes Healthier, Cleaner & More Manageable Fur.
  • Removes Unpleasant Body Odour.


Pets love to dig, splash and sprawl. Simbae’s Fabulous Fur Shampoo uses a gentle, pH balanced solution that will nourish and leave your pet feeling pampered. Natural elements of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & B5 will prevent itching, leaving the skin feeling smooth and fluffy. For further care, use our Daily Grooming Spray for freshening up & softening fur!