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5L Surface Sanitiser

simple to use • quick to act • easy to wipe

Groomer’s 1st Choice When It Comes To Sanitizing And Removing All Dirts, Germs & Bacteria!

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5L Long Hair Shampoo

  • Perfect For All Long Hair & Fur Types.
  • For Shedding, Dull And Dry Fur.
  • Keep Fur Soft & Moisturised.
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5L Sensitive Shampoo

  • Perfect For Pets Prone To Irritation.
  • For Dry, Flaky & Itchy Skin.
  • Naturally Soothe And Repair Cat’s Skin.
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5L All Fur Type Shampoo

  • Perfect For All Breeds & Fur Types.
  • Provide Natural Oils Back Into Cat’s Skin.
  • Prevent Dryness & Reduce Body Odour.
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5L Extra Coat Shine Shampoo

  • Perfect For Shows & Professional Grooming.
  • Deep Skin Penetrating Properties.
  • Absorb Quickly & Increase Fur Shine.
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