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Love Your Pet but Not Their Odour?
Love Your Pet but Not Their Odour?

Love Your Pet but Not Their Odour?

Having a pet doesn’t mean your house has to smell like a kennel or litter box. Here are some tips to tackle unwanted pet odors.


Like people, pets need regular baths to stay clean and odor-free.

  • You wouldn’t dream of bathing once every few months!
  • However, how frequently we need to bathe our pets depends on different factors, such as coat, lifestyle and health.
  • An active outdoor dog will need to be bathed more frequently than an indoor-only pampered pooch, and cats need a bath too every couple of months because they are meticulous self-groomers.


Having a luxurious coat comes with a cost.

Waste Management

To keep your home from smelling like a landfill, follow these simple steps.

  • Since our pets can’t use a toilet and flush away the problem, cleaning up after them is a necessary part of being a pet parent that no one likes.
  • Clean up after your dog frequently to decrease yard odors, flies, environmental contamination/pollution, and messy landmines.
  • Choose a high quality litter for your cat and scoop the litter box daily to encourage litter box use and control odors.


Clean up any pet messes immediately and use high quality cleaners to eliminate odors. Pets can get confused and will often soil in the same area if it isn't cleaned sufficiently and they can still smell the odor.

Fragrance Enhancers

If your pets are clean but you just can’t stand the kitty or doggie odor, consider using flavored toothpastes, doggie breath mints, fragrant, pet-safe shampoos, and pet body spritzers.



By following these tips you can share your home with your pet and come out smelling like roses.