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Simbae™ Project: BAWA Bali – Together we can make a difference
Simbae™ Project: BAWA Bali – Together we can make a difference

Simbae™ Project: BAWA Bali – Together we can make a difference

Simbae proudly partnered with Non-profit organisation BAWA Bali, which actively seeks and supports animals in need throughout Bali, Indonesia.

The BAWA Bali Team

A little bit of background about BAWA and how it came to be. BAWA was founded by Janice Girardi, an American resident in Bali for more than 35 years.

Janice has rescued animals and supported animal welfare projects in Bali for more more than 3 decades and is thoroughly committed to saving and protecting the threatened indigenous Bali dog. The Bali dog is genetically unique, highly intelligent and of significance to science. It is at risk from indiscriminate killing and other cruelty, interbreeding and Bali’s invidious dog meat trade.

BAWA uses fully-trained Indonesian vets supported by vet nurses and assistants.

Bali’s Only Free Animal Ambulance Service Saving Lives Every Day

The most incredible part of the BAWA Bali organisation is its Animal Ambulance, its frontline to emergency response. We truly respect the effort of service and support this provides to animals, right across Bali, every day.
The BAWA hotline receives around 40 calls every day and Bali’s only free animal ambulance service rescues and treats more than 1000 animals in distress every year. It is the first response to emergencies, in the fight against animal suffering in Bali. Many rescued animals would die without BAWA’s help.

BAWA offers a range of program to support animal welfare

BAWA offers great programs for people to get involved and support the animals. Overseas Volunteers come to BAWA on their vacations to walk, bathe, feed and otherwise help rescued animals. Local Volunteers support BAWA for their efforts and are very vocal on BAWA’s Facebook Page supporting animals.

Their Programs; 

Bali Dogs at risk of extinction

In 2008 the dog population was estimated to be approximately 600,000. With the outbreak of rabies and ensuing mass culling, the number dropped to approximately 150,000 dogs. If numbers continue to drop, the pure Bali dog will be at risk of extinction. Aside from organized culling, hundreds of dogs’ lives are lost every week to the dog meat trade, acts of cruelty, disease, motor vehicle accidents and basic neglect. The situation is dire and the magnificent animal that is Bali’s Heritage Dog is under threat.

Donate to BAWA

Simbae opposes animal testing and offers great product ranges of shampoos, conditioners, cleaning supplies and gift packs for the animals in your life. BAWA is pleased to partner with Simbae for our Help Save a Pet’s Life Project. Every sale, Simbae donates $2 to local pet charities & animal welfare shelters, so you can help by selecting BAWA as YOUR choice before you checkout.

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