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Any dog and pet lover would understand that these animals are not just four-legged companions but an important part of the family. Their love for us is unconditional. Such kind, generous creatures deserve the best that we can give them in return. It is with this understanding that the Simbae™ brand was created. Simbae™ products have been carefully formulated to be safe and kind to man as well as his best friend.



Simbae’s philosophy is to combine nature with innovative technology into our products and ingredients to deliver premium and wholesome care for your pets, our products always comply with existing regulations and meet our own stringent standards of sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives, in which we collectively as a company strive to go above and beyond to ensure we offer products that are gentler and safer four pets and owners alike.


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Just one whiff these scents will soothe and transport you and your best friend to places where flowers burst into bloom, fruits are freshly plucked and greeneries flourish in the countryside